Stair Workout

A few weeks ago, I carried some drinking water to an apartment on third floor (counting the floor immediately above the ground floor as the first floor).

I made two trips, carrying 10 litres each trip, and after that I felt started feeling some sweat breaking. I was a little surprised, seeing that I had made just two trips.

So yesterday, I decided to add weights to the stair workout that I sometimes do when I do not feel like going out for a sprint session. I filled two plastic containers with water, each with a capacity of 5 litresĀ  (about 1.3 gallons), for this purpose. One litre of water weighs 1 kilo (2.2 pounds), so each container weighed 5kg (11 pounds).

I normally run up five floors – from the ground to the first, second, third and fourth floor and to the roof, then walk back down. I normally do this eight times.

The workout was tough! It was tougher than I expected and I was sweating a lot by the time I was done, but I managed to complete it.

If you have been doing some stair running and want to add a bit of a challenge, you may want to add some weight to it. You do not need to start with 11 pounds, start with what you can manage and increase it over time.