Performance Test

From time to time, I test how many reps of a particular exercise I can do. Partly this is for the thrill of seeing how many reps I can do, and partly seeing progress motivates me to keep exercising.

Yesterday I tested my abilities in the exercises that I normally do and I achieved the following:
16 pull-ups. This was part of my Recon-Ron Pull-Up Program workout. I paused during the set, but still stayed hanging on the bar.
40 push-ups in two minutes, with pauses during that time, but still in the push-up position
61 body-weight squats. Well, not exactly body-weight since I had a pole across my shoulders. I estimate the pole weighs maybe 3 kilos (about 6.6 pounds).
5 pistol squats on each leg. This one was not exactly a test, but part of my workout, so maybe I could have done more. I was quite thrilled a few days ago when I found I was actually able to do full one-leg squats (all the way to the floor).
95 second plank.

I did the pull-ups soon after I woke up, and the other exercises later in the day.

Have you tested yourself lately? Try it! No matter what your score, as you continue to progress,you will be able to look back and see how far you have come.

All the best in your working out!