Small Steps To Weight Loss

A friend recently completed a two-week detox programme. the kind where you take only vegetable and fruit juices. I personally do not think it is necessary to do that, but at least it showed some determination to take some action about her health. She wanted to know what she should do next, with regard to achieving a healthy weight.

This is what I emailed her, with some slight editing. You may find it useful for yourself or for a friend:

Congratulations on the completion of the detox programme!

So now, what next?

Let us start with the hard part (for most people) – food.
1) Plan your meals. Decide beforehand what you will eat, to avoid just eating whatever is available.
Your plan should cater for the following points:

2) Whatever quantities you have been eating of the following foods (and similar ones) cut that in half:
Bread and other wheat products e.g. chapati, cakes and maandazi, potatoes, rice.
Replace these with green vegetables and with meat (beef, chicken, fish) and eggs
(You can eat the whole egg – that means including the yolk)
Have vegetables with every meal.
Drink water before every meal.

3) Work towards eliminating soda, juice (yes, juice), squash from your diet.
Replace these with water, and with actual fruits. The greater the variety, the better.
And with some nuts – macadamia, groundnuts, cashew.

In summary,
1) Plan your meals
2) Drink water before every meal
3) Have vegetables with every meal
4) Cut carbohydrate intake in half
5) Eat protein
6) Have some fruits and nuts

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Now, the easy part:
Get a good pair of walking shoes.
Get out and walk at a pace of 100 steps a minute or faster.
Yes, carry a timer/phone, walk and count your steps for a minute, adjust your pace if necessary.
Do this 3 times a week or more if you can.

Week 1 – Monday, Wednesday, Friday (or whichever days work for you)
100 steps a minute, for 10 minutes each day
So, 5 minutes going, turn, 5 minutes back

Week 2 – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
100 steps a minute, for 15 minutes each day
8 minutes going, 8 minutes back

Week 3 – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
100 steps a minute, for 20 minutes each day
10 minutes going, 10 minutes back

Week 4 – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
100 steps a minute, for 30 minutes each day
15 minutes going, 15 minutes back

After 4 weeks, we can review and plan the next steps.

Please weigh yourself each week, and record your weight, so that you can track your progress.
I will not ask you for the figures, so do not feel shy 🙂

All the best!

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