Recon Ron and Max Capacity Progress Updates

Yesterday I continued with the Recon Ron pull-up program. I had reached Week 20, then I slackened and started consistently following the program again around two weeks ago. I started again at Week 11. Last week I skipped week 12 and went to Week 13, and that is going ok.

After the pull-ups, I had dinner, rested a while, then officially began Week 3 of the Max Capacity Training Program that I talked about in this post. I say ‘officially’ because last week I had an unofficial test run.

Week 3 follows the ‘Time Attack’ protocol, where you are supposed to do a specific number of repetitions of each exercise in as short a time as possible. The number of repetitions to be done is calculated from your scores in earlier workouts. It is entirely up to you in what sequence or in how many sets you will meet the target.

I was required to do

  • 129 squats
  • 108 push-ups
  • 108 Lunges
  • 210 seconds plank bridge

I was aiming to complete each exercise in 4 sets, and I mostly did. I finished the workout in a little under 22 minutes.

Keep exercising!