The 7-Minute Workout (App) Review

I came across the free 7-Minute Workout app and installed it in my phone. I also installed the Max Capacity Training app (which I reviewed here. I had it on my previous phone but not my current one). I had heard of the seven-minute workout before, so I was familiar with the concept. The idea is basically that you perform various exercises for 30 seconds each, with about 10 seconds rest between exercises. Ideally, the exercises should be performed as intensely as possible.

Note: There are a number of different 7-Minute Workout apps on Google Play. This review is about the one by Abishkking.

The Exercises
The app has two workouts: A ‘Classic’ workout and and Abs workout.
The classic one is usable immediately while the Abs one is locked by default. You can unlock the Abs workout by doing the Classic workout for five days in a row, or by paying $1.99.

I have only done the Classic workout, so I will only talk about that one.

The Classic workout has 12 exercises:
Jumping Jacks
Wall sit
Abdominal crunch
Step-up onto chair
Triceps dips on chair
High knees/running
Pushup and rotation
Side plank
(The app says 13 exercises, but the last two are the same exercise, just for different sides of the body. Interestingly, the app does not make the same distinction for the lunges or the step-ups).

There are brief illustrated instructions on how to perform each exercise and links to videos (or video categories) showing the exercises.


You can change the duration of each exercise period, rest times, countdown time and also how many times you want to repeat the circuit.

The Workout
The day after I installed it, the app told me that it was time to work out. I hesitated, since I had planned to start the Max Capacity Training, which I had done part of before. Then I decided to try something new and do the 7-minute one. After all, it’s only 7 minutes.

When you start the workout, the app tells you by voice and also shows you on the screen what exercise to do. An on-screen timer times each exercise. The voice also tells you when you are halfway done with each exercise and counts down when the time for each exercise is ending.

7 minute workout

7 minute workout

I have done the workouts three different days now and they were pretty intense. I did only one circuit each time and it was fairly challenging. I was breathing hard when I was done, but I was not sweating a lot. I generally felt it was good and repeating the circuits would have been tough.

The Good Things

  • The exercises in total generally provide a full body workout
    The workout can be done anywhere. You only need a wall and a chair or equivalents
  • The workout lasts only a short time.
  • An in-built calendar shows you which days you worked out, so you can tell if you have been slacking off.
  • The app is free, though supported by ads. You can remove the ads by paying.
7 minute workout calendar

7 minute workout calendar

The Things That Could Be Better

  • The only major category of exercise missing is pull exercises, perhaps because this would require a place to hang from or something to pull, while the app aims to provide a workout that can be done anywhere.
  • I would perhaps change the order of exercises a bit, so that you alternate between upper and lower body exercises and not tire out some muscles too much. For example, the step-ups and the squats both exercise your thigh muscles, and the pushup with rotation and side plank are also alike.
  • Another thing that would be good to have is the ability to record scores for each exercise, so that you can track your progress.
  • It seems you do the same exercises every day, meaning you might get bored.
  • There is no scheduled rest day, which is needed for rest and recovery. However, there is a calendar that shows you which days you worked out, so you can schedule your own rest day.
  • If you choose to remove ads, then you will be required to pay for one year’s removal of ads. In other words, this is a subscription service that you pay for per year. The amount is not high (HK$ 15.46 which is about US$ 1.99 per year) but I found that approach a bit unusual.

Final Verdict
The 7-Minute Workout app is a bit limited if you want a greater variety of exercises or if you want to track progress within the app or if you want to customise your workouts. However, this app will help you exercise. If you are stuck somewhere and want to exercise, or if you have no workout plan at the moment, you can get a quick full-body workout using this app. The 7-Minute Workout app is good for that purpose. In my view, get the app.