HASfit Workout and Pull-ups

On Friday last week, I was to perform the workout for Day 18 of Max Capacity Training. Day 18 follows the Time Attack protocol, in which you are to perform a certain number of reps per exercise, based on what you recorded for those exercises in previous workouts. There is no time limit. I think some previous versions of the app had the usual 16 minutes as the time limit for the Time Attack.

I started the workout, but I soon faced two problems:
1) I realised that I was not really pushing myself and I was taking long breaks
2) My phone was running out of charge, and I did not want to go and get its charger.

So I decided to get a follow-along workout on YouTube, similar to some I had seen before.
So I got my other device, opened YouTube and searched for ’20 minute workout.’ A number of results came up and I picked the one below.

It was intense! It was fun! By the end of the workout, I was sweating profusely.
I liked the intensity of the workout and the fact that there was an easier and a harder variation of each exercise (I did the tougher one, of course 🙂 ). It was also quite easy to follow. I subscribed to the Hasfit channel after the workout.

So I had an excellent workout after all.

On Saturday, in the first set of the pull-up program, I was able to do 17 pull-ups! This is my best performance since April 2014!