The Hill Wins!

I mentioned before that we moved to a new area. Soon after, I went on an exploratory run, to see where I could be doing my sprints. I was glad to find that there were plenty of hilly stretches. Some had a few more cars than I would like. I then found one that had a reasonably steep hill, and relatively low traffic (at least on Sunday mornings). Excellent.

(Hill sprints are great for fat loss, so I was glad to have an opportunity to include them in my regular workouts).

I have had some sprint sessions on that hill. They have been tough! So far, I have been unable to run up the entire ascent of the hill (Maybe I did yesterday on my first run up, but I am not sure). My form simply breaks down towards the top. Looking at Google Maps, I think the distance I cover while still running is about 95 metres.

Image courtesy of mapichai/

Yesterday was Sunday. I got up early and prepared to go take on the hill. I had skipped my sprints the Sunday before and I did not want to do that again. So away I went, with my recently installed cell phone timer ticking away.

I did my first hill sprint and it seemed okay. Rest. Another sprint, rest, then another. Tough, but not unusual. Then I decided to start heading back home, and complete the remaining sprints as I go. I normally do eight sprints per session. I had done seven (or maybe six).

Walking home, I felt weak. I sat down. I wanted to throw up. I had read articles about exercising until you feel like throwing up, but I had not experienced it. I rested a bit, then got up and tried to walk on home. I still felt weak. I sat down again.

I sat there for a few minutes, feeling sick. But I recovered, since there really was nothing wrong with me, just that either I had been lazy with the sprints over time, or I had pushed a bit too hard this time. I suspect that the timer I was using had made be more strict with my work and rest timings, and consequently I was working harder.

So this time the hill won. I did not do my eighth sprint. I walked a while, jogged a while, walked some more and got home safely. I will try again on Sunday.