Renewed Goal of Twenty Pullups

I have decided to again go after my goal of 20 pullups. I intend to achieve this goal by the end of December 2015. I think the reason I did not succeed the last time was simply that I did not have sufficient motivation. This time, I have two things motivating me:

One is the realisation that time is passing by and I should not keep on putting off my goals, or else I will one day realise that the window of opportunity has closed or narrowed considerably. (This realisation seems to dawn on many people when they turn 40, like I did in 2014).

The second thing motivating me is that I’d like to blog more on pullups and I think actually getting to do 20 pullups myself will give credibility to what I say.


So I have been doing pullups, following my favourite program, the Recon Ron Pullup Program. Counting backwards from the last week of December 2015, I saw that I would need to start at Week 7 of the program, so I did. That was the week of 21st September.

Today, I was able to do the sets for week 7 as specified (10, 8, 6, 6,6). I’m supposed to be on Week 9, but I was still quite pleased.


Updates – Monday, 14th October 2013

Monday, 14th October 2013
I did not run on Saturday or on Sunday. George has continued to run. A lady friend of mine is also be doing her first half-marathon and she completed a 21km run/walk in 2.5 hours!
With that in mind, I set out to do a run of maybe 40 minutes, or, worst case, 30 minutes.

I did my usual route to the point I normally turn, turned and came back part of the usual way, turned onto a way I have gone once or twice before, went past point I reached that one time and ended up using a totally new route.
Total run ended up being 46 minutes!
From Google Maps, it seems I did about 8.2 km.

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Update – Thursday, 10th October 2013

My pal George has been doing one-hour runs with some consistency. After seeing his updates, I decided to make effort to retain win the money that he has offered if I beat him.

So out I went, intending to run for 30 minutes straight, even uphill on my way back.

As usually happens, thoughts of doing 10 min x 3 or 15 min x 2 played in my mind. I am doing 30 minutes, I said to myself, and I did.

Running is largely mental. Sometimes I want to stop when there really is no physical reason to. Training is partly to train the mind to keep going.


Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge

Minimum Requirements:
500 yards (457 metres) swim in 12.5 minutes

42 pushups in 2 minutes

50 situps in 2 minutes

6 pullups, no time limit

1.5 mile (2.4km) run in 11 minutes

US Navy 090314-N-5366K-056 Athletes battle thr...

US Navy 090314-N-5366K-056 Athletes battle through two minutes of push ups during the Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge at Arizona State University in Phoenix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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2013 Workout Goals

Original article is here:
I visited Fitocracy recently, and came across some fitness goals for 2013 that some member had posted.They were something like:

2,013 pull-ups

20,013 pushups

and so on.

Marines pull-up for America's birthday

Marines pull-up for America’s birthday (Photo credit: United States Marine Corps Official Page)

I think this is an interesting way of getting yourself to work out. Such goals certainly qualify as SMART goals.

The goals are:

Specific – the exercise to be done is named

Measurable – you can count the number of reps done

Attainable – this of course depends on your personal circumstances. 2,013 pullups in a year works out to about 6 pull-ups a day, or about 39 per week. Looks do-able.

Realistic – 20,013 pushups in a year translates to about 55 per day. Can you do that? You decide.

Time-bound – the time limit for achieving the goals is already defined as this year.

One good thing about having such a goal is that it allows you the flexibility to spread out your workout as you wish. if you miss some days, you make up for them later.

On the other hand, this flexibility means that there is no plan to achieve the goal, and you could easily fall far behind the weekly or monthly target numbers.

I think if you simply want to keep working out and you do not have a specific alternative plan, such goals can be good to give you something to aim for daily or weekly.

I should also mention that you should ensure that the goals cover all the major muscle groups of your body, so you should not have only pushups and pullups but nothing for your lower body.

I was aiming for 1,000 pullups in 20 days, but I already seem to be falling behind on that. I think i will extend that to 30 days and also do 2,000 body-weight squats in those 30 days.

What are your fitness goals for 2013?

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Lessons From The Olympics

The power of a man increases steadily by continuance in one direction. He becomes acquainted with the resistances and with his own tools; increases his skill and strength and learns the favorable moments and favorable accidents.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

There was a 38-year-old woman running in the London 2012 Olympics 10,000 metre finals. To put this in perspective, David Rudisha, who set his third world record in the men’s 800 metres, is 23. Timothy Kitum, who was 3rd in Rudisha’s record-setting race, is 17.

So to see a 38 year old in the same Olympics, though running a different race, was very pleasing to me. Ok, I admit, it is partly because I will be 38 next month 🙂
I later established that the lady’s name is Joanne Pavey, of Great Britain.

There was also a 40-year-old discus thrower, Virgilijus Alekna, who finished fourth.

Now, remember, these are Olympic-level athletes. They are among the world’s best. Many of us do not expect to take part in the Olympics (and if you do get there, remember  me 🙂 ). We just exercise for fun and to keep fit and healthy, among other benefits. So if a 17 year-old can do it, then you are not too young. If a 38-year-old can do it, then you are not too old. If a 40-year-old can be an Olympics finalist, then you are not too old.
You only need to do you best. Don’t let your age (or other factors) discourage you from doing your best.

I remember seeing a book titled ‘All You Can Do Is All You Can Do, But All You Can Do Is Enough.’ There is a lot of truth in that statement.

Also, I read that the runners who were in the same race with David Rudisha, each either set a personal best or a season’s best in that race. This shows the power of influence. When running with a star, they seem to have put in a little bit extra. So be aware of the company you keep. Hang out with people who will inspire you to do better, to achieve more, to reach higher. Even merely watching those runners inspired me to write this post! 🙂

Choose your company well. Keep going.
All the best!


10 Reasons To Exercise

We all hear a lot about exercising and working out and keeping fit and so on. But why, really, should we exercise in the first place? Let us look at some reasons.

Physical Reasons
1) Exercise boosts health. This is the most obvious reason to exercise. Exercise helps prevent or reduce the risk of heart disease, Type II Diabetes, some forms of cancer and stroke,  helps retain bone density and boosts your metabolism. Continue reading