Even Closer To 20 Pull-Ups

I am pleased to demonstrate that I have moved even closer to 20 pull-ups – that long-sought-after goal of mine. I have been doing pull-ups fairly consistently for the past weeks. I have been doing pull-ups maybe twice or thrice a week, though in the individual workouts, I have not always done the 5 sets expected by the Recon Ron plan (that I still generally follow).

Here is my performance last week:



Goal: Do Twenty PullUps In A Row

The Goal
I will be turning 40 on September 11th 2014. That is 77 days, or 11 weeks, from today (26th June 2014). On that day, I want to do twenty pullups in a row. That is my goal.

The most I have done in one set is 19 pull-ups. That was in 2012, I think. I have since not done pull-ups consistently until I reached 20 pull-ups, though more recently – in April 2014 – I did 16 pull-ups (video below). So I have a goal and I have a time-frame.

The Plan
I use the Recon-Ron pull-up program. On the program, 20 pull-ups in the first set appears on Week 21. Counting backwards 11 weeks, I should start on Week 10 today.

Week 10 says 12, 9, 7, 7, 7. I should be able to pull that off.

Let’s see how it goes.

Keep working out!

Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge

Minimum Requirements:
500 yards (457 metres) swim in 12.5 minutes

42 pushups in 2 minutes

50 situps in 2 minutes

6 pullups, no time limit

1.5 mile (2.4km) run in 11 minutes

US Navy 090314-N-5366K-056 Athletes battle thr...

US Navy 090314-N-5366K-056 Athletes battle through two minutes of push ups during the Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge at Arizona State University in Phoenix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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2013 Workout Goals

Original article is here: http://getfitsimply.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/2013-workout-goals/
I visited Fitocracy recently, and came across some fitness goals for 2013 that some member had posted.They were something like:

2,013 pull-ups

20,013 pushups

and so on.

Marines pull-up for America's birthday

Marines pull-up for America’s birthday (Photo credit: United States Marine Corps Official Page)

I think this is an interesting way of getting yourself to work out. Such goals certainly qualify as SMART goals.

The goals are:

Specific – the exercise to be done is named

Measurable – you can count the number of reps done

Attainable – this of course depends on your personal circumstances. 2,013 pullups in a year works out to about 6 pull-ups a day, or about 39 per week. Looks do-able.

Realistic – 20,013 pushups in a year translates to about 55 per day. Can you do that? You decide.

Time-bound – the time limit for achieving the goals is already defined as this year.

One good thing about having such a goal is that it allows you the flexibility to spread out your workout as you wish. if you miss some days, you make up for them later.

On the other hand, this flexibility means that there is no plan to achieve the goal, and you could easily fall far behind the weekly or monthly target numbers.

I think if you simply want to keep working out and you do not have a specific alternative plan, such goals can be good to give you something to aim for daily or weekly.

I should also mention that you should ensure that the goals cover all the major muscle groups of your body, so you should not have only pushups and pullups but nothing for your lower body.

I was aiming for 1,000 pullups in 20 days, but I already seem to be falling behind on that. I think i will extend that to 30 days and also do 2,000 body-weight squats in those 30 days.

What are your fitness goals for 2013?

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