HIIT Interval Training TimerAD

The HIIT Interval Training TimerAD is what I use for many of my workouts.

It is useful for setting up and timing custom workouts.
It allows you to set the following:

  • Preparation time – that you can use to warmup, psyche yourself and so on
  • Round time – the duration of each work interval
  • Rest time – rest time after each interval
  • Number of rounds and
  • Relax time that you can use to cool down.

For each round, you can set a warning to sound before the round ends (and the next round begins). So if you were seated during your rest time, you can get up and be ready for the next interval.
You can set how many seconds in advance the warning should sound.

Using this timer, you need not keep checking to see where you are in your workout. You just need to listen for the sounds.


You can give a save each workout with a name that will help you identify it. For example, I have a workout named Pull-ups.

The timer also logs the date and the times of your workouts, but not the name of the workout.


You can combine individual workout sessions into one long session. For example, you can have a sprint/rest workout followed by a steady run.

It is also possible to create dynamic workouts, in which every work or rest time is longer or shorter than the previous one.

While the timer is running, it shows you which round you are currently on. This is feature is useful for me because sometimes when I am not using this timer (when I have low battery for example), I usually have to count laps to know which round I am on.

Find it on Google Play.

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