Rope Skipping Continued

After failing to skip 1,500 times in 20 minutes, I tried again

Wednesday, 19th Feb 2014
I set my timer in order to limit rest intervals
I managed to skipped 1,500 in 20 minutes, with 10 seconds to spare



Monday, 24th Feb 2014
This time I used a simple countdown, without rest intervals specified.
I would need to skip 375 times every 5 minutes.
At some point there was a count discrepancy of 100 between what my wife had counted and what I had counted. I went with the lower figure.
I finished with 25 seconds to spare.
Did 70 extra

Rope Skipping

12th Feb 2014
My wife and I took turns skipping. I skipped, then she skipped as I rested and so on. She skipped up to 1,000 and I skipped up to 1,300. I did not really feel spent. I think it was because of the long breaks I had between skipping sessions while my wife skipped. I decided to have a time limit next time, so that the rest intervals are limited. I was timing my wife’s skipping and it worked out to about 125 jumps per minute.


SpeedRope (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

15th Feb 2014
I set myself a target of 20 minutes within which to complete 1,500 jumps. I set the timer on my phone and started. Twice, I managed to do 200 jumps non-stop. When the 20 minutes were up, I had completed 1,340 skips. I could probably have met my target with shorter rest periods at the beginning. I was sweating and could feel that I had exerted some effort.

17th Feb 2014
This time I managed 1,425 jumps within 20 minutes. I believe I can manage the intended 1,500.

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Skipping/Jumping Rope

Last week, I decided to skip (jump rope) as my workout. My target was 1,500 jumps.

I got into my workout gear, took the skipping rope and started.


SpeedRope (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The longest continuous skipping I did was about 180 jumps. (The most I remember doing was 350, one or two years ago).

When I finished the 1,500, I was still feeling quite strong and I was not really sweating much.
My wife joined me and skipped to 600.

I then posted on Facebook that I had skipped 1,500 times and urged my friends to try it this holiday season. One friend jokingly asked me how I was able to count 1,221  1,222… while skipping. I answered that I was counting 1,2,3,4,5…70…1,2,3,4…80 and so on 🙂

Some friends said that they cannot skip that much. One said he was unable to skip to 100 (or was it 50?!).

I think I will write a simple plan to get anyone interested to be able to skip up to 1000 times in a workout.


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